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Monthly Archive 28 January 2016

Common Myna’s working on their reputation

Common Myna’s are birds that originate from India. Because people weren’t all that careful with the spreading of these birds they’ve enlarged their original area quite a bit. They occupy a respectable third place on the IUCN-list of the worst invasive species in the world. So an immigrant that inspires fear for a good reason! The other side of the Common Myna is that it’s success doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it is a very smart bird which is also not too picky about its food. Apart from that it stays loyal to its partner for its whole life, something most local bird species might learn a thing or two of!

Some culture from Israël

I’ve always found Israel an interesting country. A country that mainly makes the headlines because of the unrest that flares up from time to time, but also a country that is rich in culture as well as nature. When a few months ago an offer came by to fly over there cheap (only 120 euro’s return flight!), it seemed like a good opportunity to pay the country a visit. My sister and my father also wanted to visit the country, so we went with the three of us. With a rental car across the country in seven days, starting in Tel Aviv.