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Some culture from Israël

Some culture from Israël

I’ve always found Israel an interesting country. A country that mainly makes the headlines because of the unrest that flares up from time to time, but also a country that is rich in culture as well as nature. When a few months ago an offer came by to fly over there cheap (only 120 euro’s return flight!), it seemed like a good opportunity to pay the country a visit. My sister and my father also wanted to visit the country, so we went with the three of us. With a rental car across the country in seven days, starting in Tel Aviv.

Although it wouldn’t be a birding trip, of course I did my best to get as many nice species as I could. You can see this blog message for that. On Friday night we experienced the start of the Shabbat at the Western Wall and we visited the well-known places in the Old City. Afterwards we first drove downwards to the South to float in the Dead Sea and visit the ancient fortress Massada. Then we drove up to the North and visited the Roman remains of the city of Caesarea. We finished our trip in beautiful green Galilea. Below I’ve put photos of some of the cultural highlights of the trip.

Entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque

A man at the Western Wall

Friday night at the Western Wall

The view from our hotel: Jerusalem by night

A very old Roman café at Caesarea

Once it must have been a beautiful house…

Mosaics lying around on the floor in Caesarea…

Hippodrome of Caesarea

Hippodrome of Caesarea from the other side

One bird after all! A mosaic from a digging at Zippori

For more birds from Israel see this post.


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