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Monthly Archive 25 January 2018

Waiting for a lynx…

It’s been a while since I’ve decided to focus on cats abroad (read here why). So I had all kinds of great plans, but I hadn’t actually seen any cats yet. So I wanted to do something about that that! The Iberian lynx is the rarest cat species in the world and is threatened by extinction. Luckily things are looking better now for the species, but still the number of individuals is around 500, so not that much actually. This cat is however much more easy to see than the Eurasian lynx. All you have to do is go to the Sierra de Andujar in Spain and with a bit of luck you will see it. That’s also my plan, but instead of driving up and down the road over there and scoping off the area in the hope of bumping in to one, I want to have it really close. That’s why I’ve booked a photo hide for three days in the area, hoping to get one walking by real close. After a flight from Amsterdam to Malaga, I drove my rental car to Andujar to sleep a night in the car over there. The next morning I’m taken with a 4×4 into the area to one of the hides. When I’m all set over there, the waiting can start…

Stars of Andujar

Today was my first day in a photo hide in order to photograph an Iberian Lynx. For the night I had the opportunity to sleep at the campsite of the area. I thought this would be some kind of camping. That turned out to be a little bit different. Apparently they are not used to people actually going for the camping option in winter.

A visit to Athens

With our family we went for a week to Athens. Not much to see there animalwise, although I did see a nice Blue Rock-thrush on the Parthenon, but 3000 year old temples are pretty great too! I do have to say that the Acropolis is literately and figuratively the highlight of Athens. The rest I found less appealing, contrary to Rome for example, where there are pretty much nice things everywhere. Still, the Acropolis is the best preserved ancient location I’ve ever seen and because students have free acces, I’ve been there on several days in order to get good pictures. Below you can see a gallery with all the photos, so you can scroll through them easily.