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Beautiful Okavango

Beautiful Okavango

After a week driving through South-Africa and Botswana we’ve arrived at Okavango. We can arrange to spend the night in the Okavango Delta. The plan is to sail with a motorboat to a local village and move further from there in mokoro’s. Mokoro’s are canoe-like boats that used to be made by carving out a tree trunk. The shape is still the same but now they are made out of plastic. Quickly we go for some bread by car and then in the boat! That is the plan at least,  however the breadcar collides with a local car and they have to arrange everything at the local police station first. That’s not quickly done here…  Finally around half past four we can go out.

On the way there we see all kinds of good bird species. In no time we arrive at the village. We step into a mokoro. The advantage that we are so late is that we now sail into the Okavango with a sun going down. Around us we hear hippo’s growling, Black Crakes and frogs are calling accompanied by the poot-poot-poot of Coppery-tailed Coucal. Two Marsh Owls are tumbling around each other.. A great experience and a great ambiance!

Okavango is also beautiful at night.

Finally a picture that I was really happy with, a beautiful tree with stars behind it. Not made in Okavango but in still Botswana though!

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