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Stars of Spitzkoppe

Stars of Spitzkoppe

Spitzkoppe is a mountain landscape with all kinds of whimsically shaped rock formations. We’ve set up camp here. The stars are beautiful. Tonight will be extra special tonight, because there will be a lunar eclipse! We couldn’t have imagined a better place to watch it! So while we are preparing our chili con carne at the campfire, the moon slowly disappears behind the earth. A very special experience!

When the moon is fully eclipsed it stays that way for an hour or so. That is great because now we can also see the other stars better! Even with the naked eye a beautiful Milkway can be seen. So I go at it with my camera. These stars are truly amazing. Sometimes a star shoots through the image and I even manage to photograph one!

Can you spot the shooting star?

There are few things greater then to fall asleep stargazing!


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