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A visit to the Western Sahara

A visit to the Western Sahara

I was in the Western Sahara for a week in order to search for a sand cat. You can read about that search here. The best place at the moment to find a sand cat is the piece of Western Sahara between the city of Dakhla and the small town of Aousserd. That’s why we flew from Paris Orly to Dakhla, after we arrived there with the Thalys via Gare du Nord at the airport. That turned out to be slightly more exciting than we initially thought because we had the last (!) train from Gare du Nord to Orly (which we didn’t know) and we slept on the floor of the airport (which we did know beforehand). We had an apartment in Dakhla and drove each day the long asphalt road up and down between Dakhla and Aousserd.

Dakhla is a special city compared to the rest of Morocco because it is much less oriented on tourists. You will search for tourist shops in vain and nowhere are you bothered by annoying street sellers. It is a well-known surf spot though and because the French can fly over there for little money, the plane was packed with French tourists that wanted to go for a surf for a week. Also a lot of pensioned people, or people that are close to that, can be seen with huge campers all standing next to each other. They drive with those monsters from Europa to Africa. Although a week in Dakhla was not exactly a huge cultural enrichment of our lives, I still wanted to show a few pictures of stuff that caught my eye over there. Of course a series of dromedaries is inevitable, not being wild animals, makes them of course banned to this section instead of the mammal section!

Dakhla is a city by the sea!

Our local grocery store

That one is still drivable!

This one isn’t

The mosque of Aousserd

The mosque of Dakhla

I put the photos of the dromedaries into one gallery so they can be easily viewed

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