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Wild camelids actually only occur in a few places in the world. If you think you can find them in the Middle-East or somewhere near the Sahara you’re wrong: those are all domesticated. Mongolia has the Wild Bactrian Camel, you’ll have to go to South-America to see the other two. Because I saw them a lot there, I wanted to give them some special attention.

The Guanaco I saw in Patagonia and on Tierra del Fuego. It’s the favourite prey of the Puma in Torres del Paine, they do not have natural enemies on Tierra del Fuego. It was also clear to me that the fences on Tierra del Fuego cannot hold a Guanaco!

Daarnaast vind ik het ook altijd hilarisch om een kameelachtige te zien eten. Ik had dat al eens in de Sahara gezien en ook de Zuid-Amerikaanse familieleden kunnen er wat van. Als je ze gewoon bezig ziet dan valt het allemaal wel mee, maar als je er een serie foto’s van maakt dan nemen ze de gekste houdingen aan.

In the north the Vicuña can be found, this camelid is a bit smaller and more refined. That is also a favourite prey of the Puma by the way. I also got some nice pics of them.


Finally there are also two domesticated camelids, they are of course also very well-known in the whole world. The Alpaca is a domesticated descendant of the Vicuña and the lama descends from the Guanaco. Although I usually ignore all domesticated animals, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these lama’s. They look rather nice after all.

By the way, baby Alpaca’s are being used by local people to attract tourists. Especially in the Peruvian city of Cuzco you see them a lot. I’ve however hear that baby Alpaca’s because of the radical change of environment and because they get taken away from their mother at a very early age, they only get to live for a few months because of the stress. You might consider picking a different animal to take a picture with, they usually have goats as well :).

These kind of scenes look nice, but it’s less fun for the animal.

Look here for a different camelid, the dromedary!



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