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Milkyway in the Andes

Milkyway in the Andes

If you want to take photos of the stars it’s of course nice when it’s not too cloudy. If you are somewhere between April and December in the Chilean Andes you’re in the right place, then it is the dry season so that means almost no rains. No rains means no clouds and clear skies. The other advantage is that you can easily drive up to 4000 meters or higher which places you that much closer to the stars and also means less light pollution. If you’re in the Andes it’s therefore not a bad idea to take some pictures of those beautiful star skies!

Specifically for that purpose I had, just before I went away, bought a second-hand Samyang 14mm. Not a lens that has all that modern stuff like autofocus or image stabilization, but that does have F2.8 and, with 14mm, a pretty wide angle. In between looking for animals I therefore also put some time in the stars. For the rest it’s hard to make it a really exciting story so here is the result of two weeks in the Andes and photographing the Milky way now and then!


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