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Lobo del Rio!

Lobo del Rio!

During my time in South-America there was another mammal that was high on my wish list: Giant Otter! It’s the largest otter in the world and since hadn’t seen any other in my life ever, it seemed nice to start with this one. In Tambopata I finally got the chance. Because I was asked at the last minute to help guide around some German tourists (hadn’t thought I would speak so much German in South-America), I also got the chance to search for them at a good spot. An oxbow lake called Triastianbatis where they get regularly seen. Of course the tourists wanted to see them, but I could tag along!

At the lake we all went into a catamaran: a big floating wooden platform that’s being moved forward by rowing. So we slowly make our way across the lake, but the otters are nowhere to be found. We do see a lot of Hoatzins, a very special bird and I was glad to be able to look at them again, but of course we were here for the otters! At a certain point we see a lot of splashing far away, that must be the otters! Sadly also in this lake there are all kinds of local interests at play because of which we are only allowed to go to certain parts of the lake. The part where we see the activity happens to be the exclusive territory of another lodge and we’re not allowed to get closer! Very frustrating, especially because it’s also not possible to get a sighting with the binoculars at a distance.

We wait quite a while, but finally we have to give up and we turn around to go back. While we are turning we suddenly see a group of otters at the edge of the lake! Of course they were there the whole time, but we hadn’t noticed them. But in the last light we are able to enjoy these amazing animals. They appear quite friendly, but make no mistake! These animals are capable of killing a large Caiman if they set their minds to it. Although they are certainly not canids, the Spanish name Lobo del Rio is well chosen. These animals are in the water what wolves are on land. So you’d better not stick your hands in the water!

Lobo del Rio!

A week later we go camping at another oxbowlake called Kokokocha and also at this lake there are supposed to be otters. When we sail around the lake in a rowboat in the early morning we encounter another group of otters. Very nice to see these beautiful animals once again. At least this species went well!


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