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Owls of Borneo

Owls of Borneo

When you go out at night looking for mammals there are certain birds that you might encounter as well: owls! Owls are never very easy to see, but if you spend a lot of hours at night usually you get lucky a few times. I managed to capture five species quite nicely. The sixth: a Northern Boobook (Ninox japonica) didn’t pose very well. Luckily the one I liked the most did: a beautiful Barred Eagle Owl (Bubo sumatranus)!

This is the largest on Borneo ocurring owl and it is an endemic subspecies as well (ssp. tenuifasciatus). During my ten nights 7 hours a night driving through Deramakot I heard this owl quite often, but getting to see it was not so easy. In the end I only had one good sighting, but that one was enough!

Another species I encountered rather often in Deramakot was the Brown Wood Owl (Strix leptogrammica). Not a bad owl to look at as well!

When I went out at night on the Kinabatangan river, there was no escaping the Buffy Fish Owl. So this was not a rare species, but a beautiful owl for sure!

The species that took me more effort was the Oriental Bay Owl (Phodilus badius). I didn’t manage to see it on the first night, but thanks to the skills of the local guide I did on the second night. What a beautiful little owl!

The funny thing was that I saw at on the third night as well, completely by chance after we had just seen a Flat-headed Cat!


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