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I have always found birds very interesting. The nice thing about birds is that they can fly! That means that throughout the year, the species that you are most likely to see change a lot. That makes looking for birds exciting, especially in the spring or autumn. The greatest thing is of course to find a rare bird yourself and make the entire birding community of the Netherlands travel to see it. Driving to a bird found by someone else, I do as well, otherwise you are just going to miss out on too much nice birds! In this way it’s possible to see birds in your home country where otherwise thousands of kilometres of travel would be needed to see it.


When I’m abroad I still look for birds, but that is often next to the goal of a certain mammal (cat) that I want to see. Of course there are also birds that are worth it to set them apart as a special goal, so I certainly do not rule out the possibility that I will travel to an area in the future just for a special bird, for example a picahartes! When I see a bird, I try to photograph it as well as possible, with varying success. Below you can see a compilation of pictures of birds that I myself am most happy with, either because I like the photo or because the bird that’s on it is very special. This list is chronologically ordered with the most recent pictures on top. Of course I hope to update this list regularly.