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A visit to the Western Sahara

I was in the Western Sahara for a week in order to search for a sand cat. You can read about that search here. The best place at the moment to find a sand cat is the piece of Western Sahara between the city of Dakhla and the small town of Aousserd. That’s why we flew from Paris Orly to Dakhla, after we arrived there with the Thalys via Gare du Nord at the airport. That turned out to be slightly more exciting than we initially thought because we had the last (!) train from Gare du Nord to Orly (which we didn’t know) and we slept on the floor of the airport (which we did know beforehand). We had an apartment in Dakhla and drove each day the long asphalt road up and down between Dakhla and Aousserd.

A visit to Athens

With our family we went for a week to Athens. Not much to see there animalwise, although I did see a nice Blue Rock-thrush on the Parthenon, but 3000 year old temples are pretty great too! I do have to say that the Acropolis is literately and figuratively the highlight of Athens. The rest I found less appealing, contrary to Rome for example, where there are pretty much nice things everywhere. Still, the Acropolis is the best preserved ancient location I’ve ever seen and because students have free acces, I’ve been there on several days in order to get good pictures. Below you can see a gallery with all the photos, so you can scroll through them easily.

A week in Catalonia

With friends I was in Catalonia for a week. Of course when you’re over there, you also have to go to Barcelona. The highlight of Barcelona was for me the visit to the Sagrada Familia. I had been in Barcelona before, but I had only seen the church from the outside then. Well, the church is not only special from the outside, but also from the inside! The light effects are very special. No other church in the world looks like the Sagrada Familia! Of course Barcelona has more nice buildings and the rest of Catalonia is not too bad too. Below I’ve put a few photos of the Sagrada Familia, some Catalan streets and the Catalan coast.

Some culture from Israël

I’ve always found Israel an interesting country. A country that mainly makes the headlines because of the unrest that flares up from time to time, but also a country that is rich in culture as well as nature. When a few months ago an offer came by to fly over there cheap (only 120 euro’s return flight!), it seemed like a good opportunity to pay the country a visit. My sister and my father also wanted to visit the country, so we went with the three of us. With a rental car across the country in seven days, starting in Tel Aviv.