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Dear visitor of my website,


My name is Lennart Verheuvel and thank you for visiting my website! For a big part of my life, I’ve been interested in nature and at a certain point I’ve started combining it with photography. In the Netherlands (my home country) I mainly look for birds and if a really good species turns up I travel the country for it. Abroad I’m still looking for birds, but I am also very interested in mammals.


For a reason there is a saying among birders ‘the best bird is always a mammal’ and that is actually true! No matter how beautiful and elegant ivory gulls for example can be, deep down a polar bear is just a bit more impressive! That’s why abroad, I also look for mammals. On top of that I liked to set a goal for myself as to which animal family I really want to focus on. I picked wild cats for a number of reasons: depending on which taxonomy you want to follow there are about forty species of cats, so not that much that it gets impossible to see them all and it is still possible to really study every species. Apart from that, cats are a kind of ‘umbrella species’, many other species can also survive in an area if cat’s are able to do it, they are quite picky! So these areas are often also good for many birds and other mammals. Finally they are all very beautiful and impressive animals to see and that’s important too!


They don’t live on Australia or Antarctica by the way so I’ll have to find some other excuse to visit those continents! On this website I will post the pictures that I’m taking of the animals and from the areas they live in. In the travelblog that is linked to this page, I show the photo’s that are about culture. On a trip there is much more to be seen than just animals so I wanted to share something of that too. Have a look and enjoy!


My sightings abroad I register on Observation.org

My sightings in the Netherlands I register on Waarneming.nl

For mammals have a look at Mammalwatching.com and Dutchbirding.nl for birds